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Question asked by flopez on Feb 25, 2011
Latest reply on May 24, 2011 by openpj
Hello everyone!

I'm interested in testing and using the functionalities described in the wiki but as you may all know, it hasn't been updated yet, the disclaimer warns us that most examples won't work because most libraries have changed or similar.

I'm new to alfresco, so I never really got to test the older samples and learn theyr'e complete functionality, so my start point is alfresco >3.2, so before I continue i gotta ask:

[1] is this wiki planned to be updated or completed soon?

[2] if it is, are there examples for WebscripRequest/WebscripResponse/WebscripStatus functionalities available? (specifically I'm interested in seeing how exactly can I "return" a ModelAndView or simply do a redirect)

I not I'm willing to update this wiki examples to >3.4b (and counting…), and even extending the functionality presented for abrstractwebscript and declarativewebscript's request and responses, but I could use some help, I'm opening other forums to address specific issues or problems I've found and I'll, as well as questions, I'll be adding them here.

I'll add related forums here, so far i have this one that's kind of related

  • Forms and javabackedwebscripts:

  • Bean injection to javabackedwebscripts:

  • Let's get that wiki up to date!, any help would be appreciated