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Question asked by iwkse on Feb 27, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2011 by mikeh
Hi all,

I'm new to Alfresco and I'm trying to let the flash preview in share works but I am having some issues.
While loading the flash app it spins for a while and give me an error like:
"impossible to load the preview from the server"

I've checked in the log, enabling the debug log, and all i can get seems related
to CIFS.

I get this two errors:
[org.alfresco.fileserver] Failed to get local domain/workgroup name, using default of WORKGROUP
[org.alfresco.fileserver] (This may be due to firewall settings or incorrect <broadcast> setting)

Please can you explain me where should I look or what I can read to make it works properly the flash preview in share?
I've installed alfresco commons 3.4.c on a debian server.
Best regards