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Alfresco performance degradation

Question asked by fluca1978 on Mar 3, 2011
Hi all,
I'm new to Alfresco so please apologise me for this silly question. The fact is that we have our Alfresco installation (3.2) with an Oracle backend and I've found that the system becomes really slow when the number of uploaded documents is over 1000. We are using, at this stage, Alfresco to store about 2000 PDFs of around 43 KB each, and we have experienced no problems with 500 or more documents. When the number of documents become over 1000 we see that the system becomes unresponsive from the web client, and deleting folders is an infinite operation.
Then we tried to delete only all the files (i.e., without the folders) in the space and that was an almost instant operation. Then we were able to delete all the (empty) folders with a very slow process and finally, we tried to delete the space. The problem was that the space was not delete until the 10th try (without any error).
Since I'm new, is there something I can check/test to see if the problem is in the Alfresco configuration, the underlying machine, my application or a combination of all?