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Inbound Email Problem + Archiving Question

Question asked by excitedbynoise on Mar 3, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2011 by excitedbynoise
I'm trying to allow emailing to nodes on my Alfresco server. My goal is setup an archiving system. Whenever I send emails out, I get the following error:

<>: host[my.internal.ip] said:
    554 The user 'anonymous' in not in the email contributor group. (in reply
    to end of DATA command)

It seems to me, that it's not recognizing the from field in the email addresses. It just comes back as 'anonymous'. The testing user is part of the email contributors group, has write access to the node, and the Alfresco user account has the right email address listed.

Below is my config:


# Email Server properties


Also, I'm not sure how others are doing archiving, but I was going to setup a space for archiving and then use postfix always BCC. Is there a better way?