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Document navigation using metadata

Question asked by andrepra on Mar 3, 2011
I have an Alfresco repository populated with more than 1M of invoices organized in hierarchical folders that reflect a company organization like Brand -> Country -> Customer.
Users have different authorizations on this structure: some user can view all the document of a brand, some others only few countries, etc.
Each document have custom metadata (invoice number, date, customer, brand, country, etc.) 

Using web scripts or something else, I would like to build a tree navigation using the document's metadata. Something similar to the Lotus Domino View.
Example: Build a tree view with the structure Customer - > Brand so that each user can see the list of customers (according to his authorization) and opening a customer node of it can see the list of brands (always according to authorization). Selecting a brand the user will see the invoices of the customer/brand selected. 

I thought to use categories but there's no support for authorizations on it.
It's possible using CMIS execute a query like  SELECT DISTINCT customer, brand FROM cmis:document ?
Exists others way to do that? Nobody face this question?

Alfresco Community 3.0 but I'm going to migrate to 3.4.