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calling web scripts and authentication problem

Question asked by forumwebuser on Mar 4, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2011 by _sax

I have a web application with NTLM SSO enabled (im using JCIFS jar and filters).
Now, in this web app I want to invoke some webscripts in Alfresco. The problem is that the webscripts url is asking for a login and I want my web application to pass the initial credentials directly so I will not get that authentication windows.

Alfresco is running and configured to use NTLM SSO also. So if I try to access Alfresco web client I will be able to enter with a user domain with no problem.

I thought that when accessing a url in Alfresco, the access would be controled by the authentication pipeline defined in alfresco properties, but it seems Im wrong…

Any ideas to solve this?:)

thank you