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How can i invoke Workflow Form page From Custom UI Action

Question asked by mohammed.amr on Mar 7, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2013 by hgao
Dear Guies,

Main Idea:

I'm trying to build custom ui action on alfresco/share mentioned to invoke the start page (First Transition) Directly.

Example For Explanation:

When you Enter to alfresco share main page, you will notice that you have a dashlet named "My Tasks" and there is a link called "Start Workflow"; When you click on this action you will go to the "Start Workflow page" where is there a menu of workflows for select a specific to show the "Workflow Form Page" and start it. When you select a workflow from the menu a "Workflow Form Page" will be displayed to start the workflow.

My Question:

How can i build custom ui on Alfresco (Web/Share) to invoke the "Workflow Form Page" Directly without going through all of the above steps ?

Thanks for help.