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'Create Site' does nothing

Question asked by craigjh on Mar 7, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2011 by craigjh
I'm a new user running the Community 3.4.0d version on Windows 7, 64-bit.  I had no problems during the installtion and Share seems to be running fine.  However, when I attempt to create a site, the Create Site dialog box does not seem to take any actions when I click on "Ok".   The "OK" button changes like it is aware of the click but there is no disk activity and nothing else happens.  (FWIW, clicking on "Cancel" results in the dialog box closing immediately.)

I wanted to create a site because I do not see the options to show the discussion forums or the wiki.  I have assumed these would be listed as portlets in the "Customize Dashboard" configuration screen.  If this is incorrect, I'd be thankful for some advice.

As suggested I looked for the log file.  However the only log files are in the Tomcat directory from the day I installed.

Has anyone else encountered these problems during a new install?  Does it look like I've got a flawed install?  If so is there a simple fix or should I reinstall?