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Emailing workflow comments

Question asked by ph73nt on Mar 7, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2011 by ph73nt
Dear listers

I like my workflows to email users at each stage (my company does not have (and will not switch to) email software supporting RSS feeds). I have created a workflow with task-nodes for multiple users and I would like to be able to access their comments at each stage for emailing.

Workflow overview: Start-> Assignee accepts (writes a comment) -> Email generated (including the comment) -> document owner then accepts/rejects and writes a comment -> Email generated (including the comment)->End (simple stuff).

The workflow details page in Share shows the comments from each stage, but I can only seem to email the first comment. In each task transition I have used the code
to grab the comment. When I noticed that the comment emailed was always the first comment, I changed some of the instances to read
assuming there was an array to access. But whilst this throws no errors, I still get the first comment emailed.

Would anybody be able to tell me how to access a comment made in the task being performed and not just from the first task-node?

Many thanks in advance, Neil