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Writing Alfresco Webscript tests using the Mock Test Server

Question asked by tcarnell on Mar 10, 2011
Hi there,

We (Surevine Limited) have written numerous Webscripts. We would like to use the Mock test server to test our webscripts within a unit testing framework.

I have followed this guide/introduction (, and apart from the fact that it must be updated to work with 3.4, provides a useful introduction.

But could you PLEASE give us a bit more info? Could you please publish some more detailed example tests, especially on the usage of the Mock server - I am having trouble simply creating some Nodes as test fixture data - could you explain how you are creating fixture data at Alfresco?

Also, it would be great if we could run the Mock server against an 'in memory' database - is this possible?

Many thanks,

tom (Surevine Developer)