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Trouble Restoring Alfresco CE 3.3

Question asked by deekay on Mar 10, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2011 by acommons
I had Alfresco Community Edition ver. 3.3 running on a virtual instance of Ubuntu 10.10 Server 32bit.
After discovering we can run it on a 64 bit version of VM of Ubuntu Server and should see some performance gains I want to move everything over to the new VM.
So I follow these steps to do a cold backup and restore

1. Stop Alfresco on the 32 bit VM
2. Take a backup of the MYSQL alfresco db (mysqldump -u root -ppword alfresco > alfrescodump.sql
3. Backup the dir.root directory as specified in the file (tar -cvzf /opt/backupfile.gz /opt/alfresco/alf_data)
4. I FTP both files in Binary mode over to the new 64 bit Ubuntu VM on which I have already installed the same version of Alfresco 3.3 CE and can successfully log in to http://64bitservername:8080/share
5. I stop alfresco on the 64bit VM (/opt/alfresco/ stop)
5. The current Alfresco install on the 64 bit Ubuntu version has the same dir.root dir specified in it's file so I extract the alf_data and overwrite (tar zxvf /opt/backupfile.gz –overwrite)
6. I create an alfresco DB on the 64 bit VM (mysql -u root -ppword then Create database alfresco)
7. I restore the alfresco db (mysql -u root -ppword < alfrescodump.sql)
8. I start alfresco (/opt/alfresco/ start)

but when I go to http://64bitServerIP:8080/share I get this error Unable to test document path: alfresco/site-data/configurations/ in remote store: alfresco due to error: 404

Also of note is the the new 64bit VM is using the same ip old 32 bit VM. Obviously I shutsown the 32bit VM before bringing up the 64 bit VM.
What am I doing wrong?