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CIFS Drag and Drop on Windows 7 Problem

Question asked by jimdoyle on Mar 11, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2011 by mmunzer
I've installed Alfresco 3.4C - CIFS works fine from inside Office - e.g. Word, can save file to Alfresco Repository. However, while trying to use with Windows Explorer, I have the following situation. Mapped a Z: drive to \\MY-PCA\alfresco. I can browse the folders on my Alfresco Repository…

When I try to drag and drop an MS Word document from my C: drive to a Space created in the Alfresco document library - the file begins to copy - it even displays the filename but with 0 Byte size in the target alfresco folder. Message box appears stating "Copying…"  Discovering Items

An error message then appears "Network Error" there is a problem accessing Z:\Sites\……\Jim Doyle Space

Make sure you are connected to the Network and Try Again

PLEASE HELP - everything is running locally on a laptop…

Thanks in advance