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Building the sdk code by ant

Question asked by alfabeta on Mar 15, 2011
I have a ubuntu 10.04 32 bit server edition with sdk downloaded via svn revision 25020 for alfresco 3.4.d.

I followed this wiki instruction:

So the next step i did was to compile thru ant but it failed.
==> ant -f continuous.xml distribute-sdk
This is the error I got:

/home/ubuntu/alfresco/svn/25020/HEAD/root/continuous.xml:1276: Warning: Could not find file /home/ubuntu/alfresco/svn/25020/HEAD/root/projects/web-service-client/build/dist/alfresco-web-service-client-3.4.d.jar to copy.

So I am missing something. Please let me know the steps in details. Thank you for your help.