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Add values to cm:storeSelectorConstraint

Question asked by frontman on Mar 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2011 by lsharmaa

I'm testing alfresco2castor and have a little problem when I run the following script:

logger.log("Storing document in the CAStor cluster");

if (!document.hasAspect("cm:storeSelector"))
   document.addAspect("cm:storeSelector")["cm:storeName"] = "castor";;

Then appears this exception:

Failed to run Actions due to error: 02150014 Found 1 integrity violations: Invalid property value: Node: workspace://SpacesStore/493584cc-392a-48d0-be63-fb50632bed9d Type: {}storeSelector Property: {}storeName Constraint: 02150013 The value is not an allowed value: castor

I checked contentModel.xml, where there is a constraint called "cm:storeSelectorConstraint" and its type is "REGISTERED", which is applied to  "cm:storeName" property of "cm:storeSelector" aspect. I'm not sure if I'm looking in the right place but I would like to know where I can add more values to this constraint and if that would help to avoid this exception.