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bindPropertyBehaviour not making callback

Question asked by corstad on Mar 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2014 by resco
We were expecting the PolicyComponent's bindPropertyBehaviour method to call back to the registered onUpdateProperties method registered in a JavaBehaviour.

The log indicates the we are attempting to bind our behavior before the policy is registered.

INFO  PolicyComponentImpl Behaviour Java method[class=com.ourcorp.ourproject.policy.IndexNodePolicy, method=onUpdateProperties] is binding (ClassFeatureBinding[class={}index;feature={}relativeIndex]) to policy {}onUpdateProperties before the policy is registered

All of our class behaviour bindings are working as expected.

We even tried to register the property policy directly in our code, however, the PolicyComponent's registerPropertyPolicy method signature is not compatible with NodeServicePolicies.OnUpdatePropertiesPolicy.

  public abstract <P extends PropertyPolicy> PropertyPolicyDelegate<P> registerPropertyPolicy(Class<P> paramClass);
It expects a PropertyPolicy class and NodeServicePolicies.OnUpdatePropertiesPolicy extends ClassPolicy.

We are using Community Edition 3.4.c

Any idea how we can respond to a specific property being updated?