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Alfresco WCMS with Spring MVC (Dynamic HTML FORM for SITE)

Question asked by nazakatqureshi on Mar 16, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2011 by zaizi
i was working on Alfresco CMS (Enterprise Version) from last more then one year. I am new in Alfresco WCMS.
we are thinking to use WCMS as well for our our client side (e-commerce Site) and i have don lot of work as well.

I have following question.
1- As a WCMS user, I can easily add, edit product information (this includes the product name, style #, brand, description, colors, color swatches, companions, pricing, catalog page, spec sheets, product measurements, product image, video, logo placement (and soon to come related to search product specific information fabric type, occupation, etc.). These product information is from our Website DB.
2- As a WCMS user, I can easily create different types of Forms
3- Create, assign, and modify product categories

4- and most important how can I render the page using spring MVC or STRUTS, or using any front framework of my Client side.

i have a HTML form from Spring MVC say PIZZA dilivery Request. on my Main page this form was displayed. now i want to remove the form from my main page and just by drag and drop i can add the same form on the other page with out any Coding

Thanks in Advance