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Custom Trasformation

Question asked by atthefresh on Mar 16, 2011
Hello. I've started a few months ago to work with Alfresco 3.4
Now I would like to try to extend the functioning of transformers.
It's possible to assign a different priority at two transformers that have the same source mimetype and the same target mimetype ?

I found something about the getReliability method in the official wiki of Alfresco: # Developing_New_Transformations

But with a closer look to the online svn sources I noticed that the method has been deprecated and the AbstractTrasformer2 class has taken the place of the old AbstractTrasformer. So this road is not passable.

Can anyone tell me what is the proper way to tell Alfresco to use my custom Pdf2Text Transformer instead of the the one inside Alfresco in order to index what I say?

Thanks in advance for anyone help.