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Online Edit only using Webdav?

Question asked by hurganator on Mar 16, 2011
Hello Forum,

first I want to apologize for my English - I try to describe my problem but the main problem is the language…
Ok here it comes…
I installed Alfresco 3.4 on a Windows 2003 Server (webdav and cifs installed and functional) and my client is a WIndows 2008R2 Terminalserver.  Both servers are in the same domain.
I installed the Sharepoint Protocol because I want to ust Online Edit function in Alfresco Share. 
The button shows up, I want to edit a word document, word opens, but the document is not being downloaded.
As far as I understand it ist due to an incompatibility sharepoint protocol and Office 2010 (thats what we use)

Please, answer me as if was a little child (bad English, bad Alfresco knowledge): what can I do? Is there a solutiion? 

Is it possible to use the sharepoint protocol with cifs instead of webdav?  If I open an document directly in WORD (not in Alfresco) using CIFS path everything works fine.  Opening it from Webdav path its the same result like using online edit in Alfresco Share.
Whats with that MIcrosoft Office Addin?  When will it work for Office 2010 and will it be of help anyway?

Best wishes from the heart of Germany and thany you for your help!