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Get current user credentials. No the ticket

Question asked by isloat on Mar 17, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2011 by isloat
I have a web application that is executed on clicking a new option that I have added to the documents of the "Document Library". Clicking it, is executed a js that redirects to my application.

Is any way to extract the user credentials to authenticate against my application? Because I don't want to ask the user & pass again.
If it isn't possible to get the user and password, is possible to get any different token? Like SAML token for example or something like that. But not the "Alfresco ticket" because I assume that this ticket only  works to re-authenticate in Alfresco.

In addition, I have configured and LDAP to share the users between Alfresco and my web application. So, If I can get the credentials of the current Alfresco user and send it to my application, I will be able to authenticate this user in my web application.

I hope that somebody can help, because I 'm having many troubles to find a solution.

Thanks a lot!