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Edit other users' tasks without reassignment

Question asked by ph73nt on Mar 17, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2011 by d_garry
Dear list

The subject heading is unwanted behaviour - at least for me. I have defined several custom workflows, each containing multiple tasks and swimlanes. On some of these workflows (usually noticeable when one looks at a workflow summary page by clicking through on the item/document details page), one can edit tasks belonging to other users. For instance I have a task that assigns a new owner:

- Assign task to person who should own the document
-> Prospective new owner agrees
-> Current owner agrees
-> Ownership changes (or not)

But the initiator can perform these tasks on behalf of the assignee and owner. I cannot see obvious differences in structure between workflows where I can/cannot do this.

Could somebody tell me what circumstances enable users to perform each other's tasks without reassignment, please?

Many thanks in advance, Neil