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Why has a type extending sys:base the attribute cm:name?

Question asked by gertschi on Mar 21, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2011 by gertschi
I've created my own content model where I defined a few types. Each of those types extends sys:base.
Whenever I create nodes of those types with the Java API - nodeService.createNode() - Alfresco adds the attribute cm:name to it. The value is always the same as the node-uuid.

Why is Alfresco doing this? How can I prevent it from happening?
I don't need that attribute. In fact it's causing problems when I use CopyService.copy() to copy such a node. Alfresco can't insert the copied node within the same cm:folder since the name is the same. As a workaround I've created my own folder type which allows duplicates. However, that's quite ugly and now the unused cm:name of the copied nodes has values that doesn't correspond with the actual node-uuid anymore. That can be a little bit confusing.

I'd be grateful if someone could explain why this is happening and how this behaviour can be alterd.

BTW: I'm currently using Alfresco 3.4b.