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how to Read metadata of content from alfresco using c#

Question asked by himvj on Mar 22, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2011 by openpj
This query is returning only the file
how to read the meta data of the file
in the second for loop it not displaying the metadata.
please help… code is below         

            query.statement = "@cm\\:name:\"" + filename + "\" PATH:\"/app:company_home\"";
            QueryResult queryResult = repositoryService.query(spacesStore, query, false);
            ResultSet resultSet = queryResult.resultSet;
            ResultSetRow[] results = resultSet.rows;
            //your custom list
            IList<CustomResultVO> customResultList = new List<CustomResultVO>();
           ResultSetRowNode nodeResult;
            List<String> lista = new List<String>();
            foreach (ResultSetRow resultRow in results)
            {   nodeResult = resultRow.node;
                CustomResultVO customResultVo = new CustomResultVO();
                customResultVo.Id =;
                customResultVo.Type = nodeResult.type;
                foreach (NamedValue namedValue in resultRow.columns)
                {    if (Constants.PROP_NAME.Equals(
                    { customResultVo.Name = namedValue.value;  }
                    else if (Constants.PROP_DESCRIPTION.Equals(
                    { customResultVo.Description = namedValue.value; }
                      customResultList.Add(customResultVo);      }