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Sharepoint Protocol Issue

Question asked by houldsworth1 on Mar 23, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2011 by houldsworth1
Here's hoping someone can help me.

I had Alfresco share running in an EC2 virtual machine without any problems, but I decided to move it to a local machine that I was not using.

I installed Alfresco using the community installer with all options selected. 
I added the following to the file:
### Sharepoint Protocol config items
(the machine name is test and I can ping test.local from any machine)

test.local was also added to the trusted sites in Internet explorer 9 (which is also currently the default browser)

When I try to publish the doc to the site it asks for my user id/password, shows the moving bar saying "saving as 'http:test.local:7070/alfresco/SPS/documentlibrary/test.docx'

It then asks for my password 3 more times (despite my checking the remember me box) before giving error 'A problem occurred while connecting to the server. If the problem continues, contact your administrator' …which is, of course, me. :)

Afterwards, when I go to the Alfresco share page I can see that the space has been created but there are no documents in there. 

What am I missing?

The Alfresco server is running on an Ubuntu 10.10 desktop, my PC is a Windows 7 machine with Office 2007 installed.