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Check for null or empty property-value in a rules' condition

Question asked by hadihadi on Mar 23, 2011
Alfresco 3.3g

The Scenario:
A space (folder1) with two rules set to be applied on all inbound:
Rule 1: adds a custom aspect to the content with mandatory properties (i.e. inboxNo, dateReceived …etc.)
Rule 2: adds a simple-workflow to the content to move the content to folder2 to be reviewed there.
The idea is to get the properties filled first then the simple-workflow is used to move the content to folder2.

The problem:
The content can be moved to folder2 using the simple-workflow without completing the custom mandatory properties (i.e. inboxNo, dateReceived …etc.)

I though:
Set a rule on folder2 to check the properties for empty or null values and bounce them back if true. BUT, on version 3.3g community, the operator condition "empty" is not available and one can't set '"" (empty string) nor null values as operands for the equals operator in a condition for a rule!
The Question:
Any idea on how to handle this issue without diving into coding? And,
if there is no alternative but coding, where should I start my investigation and learning process?

Kindest regards to all