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query on lucene search

Question asked by jeyaa on Mar 23, 2011
Hi all,

Now i am trying to search the below xml,

@cm\:name:"try*" +TEXT:"lucene"
And the result returns "Try.xml". Works well and good.

but If I change the query to

@cm\:name:"try*" +TEXT:"[b]<lucene>[/b]"

This also returns the content "try.xml". Since keyword "lucene" is not present inside tags.

I am doing feasibility on search that should not search for text inside the xml tags.
ie., In the above example If I give the search keyword as "sample", then it should not return the result as "try.xml".

So why

@cm\:name:"try*" +TEXT:"[b]<lucene>[/b]"

This query is fetching the result as "try.xml".

Please help me providing the solution.