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Automatic Metadata during migration

Question asked by moredead on Mar 23, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2011 by rmacian
I have an NTFS filestore of 300K documents and would like to migrate these from the massive folder structure to a library with metadata in an Alfresco document library.

I want to set metadata according to the location in the existing folder structure, and on keywords that may be in the title or in the document. There is some variation in the way documents are titled and in their format, but I believe that doing most of this automatically is the best way to add the metadata. Those not picked up in the migration could be finished off manually.

Can this be done? Has anyone done it? How did it go?

Or am I going to have to pay someone to write some kind of script to do this ( which I probably dont have the budget to do?

I believe that this can be done with Sharepoint  using ActiveNavigation. But these are way too expensive.