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Issues in Drop Down widget in  Web Form

Question asked by dhavalprajapati on Mar 24, 2011

I am facing below issue in drop down widget:

·         Create Web Form with XSD (language.xsd) which has a language dropdown.
·         Language XSD contains validation rule to select language.
                             Scenario 1 : (Pass)
·         Select any language (ex: English) and create content. It is working fine.
                             Scenario 2 : (Pass)
·         If a user does not select a language and leaves the default “Please select” option untouched, and tries to create the content, then the form gives a validation message (ex: Select Language) as expected.
                             Scenario 3 : (Fail)
·         A user selects any language (ex: English) and then changes it to default option “Please select”, and then tries to create the content. The content will be created with the value “Please select”, which is wrong.
·         Expected Result : The language dropdown should be validated before creating the content. Value “Please select” should always return validation error, even if user selects it after attempting to save with other value.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xs:schema xmlns:xs=""
   <xs:element name="Language">
             <xs:element name="Language">
                        <alf:alert>Select Language</alf:alert>
                     <xs:restriction base="xs:normalizedString">
                        <xs:enumeration value="English"/>
                        <xs:enumeration value="Spanish"/>
                        <xs:enumeration value="Simplified Chinese"/>

Please let me know if is there any workaround to resolve this issue.