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Alfresco Cifs + Kerberos

Question asked by falves on Mar 25, 2011

I'm trying to use cifs with kerberos authentication + AD. It all seems working fine as in de tomcat logs, everything looks ok, i've even opened the logs for cifs, smb, kerberos and fileservers.
Cifs authenticates correctly and i can map a network drive to cifs repository, but when i enter the drive it is empty although it shows the details of free space and total space. I cannot do anything in that drive like creating a folder or a file. I've tried passthru authentication and it works, IMAP also works in both kerberos and passthru athentications.
As anyone have some clue for what is going on?

Server: Alfresco 3.4d on Windows Server 2003
Client: Windows XP Prof