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EditOwn and DeleteOwn Permissions

Question asked by ghernando on Mar 26, 2011
I am interested in being able to create a role in share where access permissions allow a user to
- read/consume all content in a folder
- upload/checkout/edit/delete content created by the user
- no right to upload/checkout/edit/delete content created by other users

Looking at the sitePermissionDefinitions and permissionDefinitions files, I don't see any permissions that relate to items that are owned.  There is an 'ownable' aspect, but that doesn't seem to enforce access rights in any way.
Maybe, I'm wrong there?

The only way I can see implementing 'own' permissions (edit own, delete own, …) would be to create very granular roles, one unique role per user and then assign that user role to items which that user has created/uploaded.

Is that the current solution?  Seems like there might be performance issues related to doing that, besides the pain of implementing it.

I'm wondering why 'editown' and 'deleteown' aren't part of the standard permissions model.