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newb not understanding doc templates, ect

Question asked by tomdavidson on Mar 27, 2011
OK, I am missing something in creating documents from a master document template and am hopping to get some clarification:
I need end-users to be able to create word processing documents from a master template that dictates fine points of formating, layout, and most of the content (legal fillings).

The master template has quite a bit of "fixed" information with a handful of data that is per created document, such as a person's name. On document creation, the end-user will typically just need to populate the variable data.

My initial plan was to do this with Drupal and provide a webform to collect the variable data and then populate the fields of an copy of a master template in form-fill PDF form.

This (the Drupal strategy) is familiar with me, would get the job done, and would not cost too much to set up, but I feel I should look at a Alfresco. Also, it would be quite beneficial to result in workable text document rather than the PDF.

How what would an Alfresco solution look like? What is the relevant Alfresco terminology? Any brilliant insights to share? :)

Thanks and best, tom