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WEBDAV and Path Length Limit

Question asked by ukdavo on Mar 28, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2013 by marconbuechel
Hi there

We've run into a problem whereby it's not possible to navigate to some of the deeply nested folders within a Share site using WEBDAV (via Network Places/Web Folders). It look's like we've run into Windows' maximum path length limit of 255 characters.

Other than by renaming the folders within the Share site's document library  (which will most likely be unacceptable to users) can you suggest ways of working around this?

Ideas that spring to mind are:

1. Changing host name to something a bit shorter - certainly possible, could save a few characters
2. URL re-writing the path to the docLib - I'm not sure whether this is possible. I'm pretty sure that the /webdav portion of the URL is used within product code. UPDATE - I just gave the URL rewrite a quick go. It seems to work for WEBDAV access via browser but not via Network Places. The links to docs/folders reference the full path so it probably needs a reverse url rewrite.

Any ideas?