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CMIS Change Log Token problem using OpenCMIS

Question asked by gregbpopstar on Mar 28, 2011
Latest reply on May 7, 2013 by keesvanbemmel
I'm successfully opening an OpenCMIS "Session" to Alfresco 3.4.b and getting a list of change log changes to support a sync operation.

The relevant code looks kinda like this:

ChangeEvents changes = session.getContentChanges(getLastToken(), true, 1000);
String newToken = changes.getLatestChangeLogToken();


Once I get the list of changes I'm trying keep the last change token and use it for the next getContentChanges call in order to get only new content changes.

My problem is that the changes.getLatestChangeLogToken() always returns null for me.

In order the get the change log stuff to work at all I have to turn it on in alfresco using the audit.cmischangelog.enabled=true option in the global config.

Has anyone had success getting a change log token?