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Cas login redirecting to Alfresco login

Question asked by goingcrazy on Mar 29, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2011 by goingcrazy
Hello everyone! I'm a new Alfresco poster and hopefully will be able to assist other people with their issues as I learn from my mistakes! I've configured two servers both on windows server 2008. One contains my CAS install and the other my alfresco install. Their ip addresses are and respectively. My CAS authenticates versus my active directory server and the authentication process for AD works smoothly. I've modified my alfresco to redirect to CAS and authenticate versus AD; however, Once I login to CAS it redirects me to an alfresco dashboard but not logged in. There are two questions I have- 1) How do I SYNC alfresco's users with my LDAP AD and also why doesn't the CAS login send me to the page logged in as the  person in CAS (I've created the same user same password in both).

Versions I am on: Cas 3.4.6, Alfresco 34d
Steps I take:
1) Navigate to
2) This redirects me to:
3) If I enter a user name here that does not exist in the AD, it will deny me. If i enter a correct user name it sends a redirect with an address that looks like this:
      -I know this because the CAS.log shows all correct ticket granting info and then has a line in the tomcat log saying "Sending external redirect to the link:" and the link above

4) Instead of going to the redirect, it takes me to:
and I am not logged in with my user name.

5) If I click login here, and enter the same username and password as the user i have in both AD and Alfresco it redirects me to my CAS login AGAIN and when I sign in here it redirects me to my ALFRESCO login AGAIN. and when I sign in here… It finally shows me as being logged in now. 

The log files do not have any errors being thrown… Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts??

Also as I mentioned, I'd like to sync my AD and alfresco - I've had troubl efinding info on that because everyone does different things based on version and I don't see anything for 34d.

I can attach any files you need to assist in being able to help me out!

I greatly appreciate anyones comments!

Thanks All!