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Mail notifications: blog posts and blog comments

Question asked by efestione on Mar 29, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2011 by efestione
Hi all,
I would to send emails with different objects depending on the entry is a blog post or is a comment.

I think I must use a JS script because I would use some document informations in mail subject.

My questions are:
1. how can I distinguish between a blog post and a comment?

if (document.type == ???){
// create mail action
  var mail = actions.create("mail"); = "";
  mail.parameters.subject = "Hello from JavaScript";
  mail.parameters.from = "";
  mail.parameters.text = "new post";
  // execute action against a document  

  mail.parameters.text = "new comment";

2. how can I refer to the post title in a "new comment" email? (like "John has commented -post title-")