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getPermissions in PermissionService

Question asked by dilipl on Apr 1, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2011 by dilipl
I use Alfresco Community edition 3.4c

I have a user (user1) that belongs to (is a child of) group (group1). I have a custom permission (perm1) assigned to a node (node1) for group1. So essentially

Node1 has perm1 assigned to group1 on it

When I do permissionservice.getPermissions(node1), for any user, I always get "ALLOWED" even for users who do not belong to group1? I am not sure if this is a bug!!

I was hoping, all users who belong to group1 would come back with ALLOWED and the others would be DENIED. Is athat not how this is supposed to work? If not, how do I get all the "ALLOWED" permissions for a user, by virtue of the group they belong too?

Thank you