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Display my custom documentLibrary following condition

Question asked by lamba on Apr 1, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2011 by lamba
Hello All,

I created a custom DocumentLibrary and I want display it below the default one on share according a condition relating to the current Alfresco space.

In fact, my custom doclib must only be displayed if the current Alfresco space is of a custom type.

I've created my custom doclib (inspired of the documentLibrary Alfresco) and it works great! I created:
- Webscript custom-documentlist with files custom-documentlist.lib.js & custm-documentlist.lib.ftl to put under the include folder
- Files custom-documentlist.js & custom-documentlist.css
- Webscript doclist to put in the "slingshot\documentlibrary"

But I do not know how to integrate it with the default documentLibrary!

Thank you for your help.