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Problems with LIVE-Website

Question asked by cfe on Apr 5, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2011 by bremmington

i have made really good experiences with Web Quick Start so far, but i am now facing a problem, which i dont manage to resolve:

I link Editorial and Live to the same webapp-context and host, the distinction being the port, the editorial is on 8080, whereas the live-website is accessed via port 8082 (which i enabled in tomcat).

The Editorial Page is displayed just fine, whereas the LivePage only gets me this:
A problem has occurred.
This page could not be rendered:
Please notify your system administrator.

No matter what type of content i access. (images do work)

Funny thing, this works fine with the same setting on my local workstation.
When i do the same thing with the wcmqs-Sample-Finance-Site, it also works well.

(I restarted Alfresco, and i deleted the "work"-Folder)

What do i overlook?