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Changing ldap query filter for sync doesn´t work

Question asked by cristina.aragon on Apr 6, 2011
Hi all!

I have done a synchronization ok but now I want to add some other groups to Alfresco, so I changed my group query filter by adding the new ones but nothing happens. In the log file appears:

11:50:59,784 INFO  [] Retrieving groups changed since 05-abr-2011 12:00:21 from user registry 'ldap1'

My groups into ldap have no changed! but I need to add them into Alfresco. I have this properties in the alfresco-global file:

synchronization.import.cron=0 0 * * * ?

But when I restart the alfresco system no new groups are added.
Other thing that also happens to me is when I delete an ldap user from alfresco (wich is member of one group):  if that user returns to login to alfresco, it doesn´t add the user to his group…
Must I change my conf or addd any property?

Can anybody give me a clue?
Thanks in advance!