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Alfresco Setup Contract

Question asked by gareth_tucker on Apr 7, 2011
Integration Brief:

We are seeking an external repository (CMS, DMS) to link to content from within Moodle (LMS). The purpose of this integration is to provide a central location for learning materials; a location that is open to be accessed outside the LMS course (via a website front end).

We are currently using Moodle 2.0.2 and are keen to fully evaluate the integrated functionality of the Alfresco Community Edition solution as an external repository as well as website CMS.

We are running Alfresco 3.4 Community Edition locally. The issue which we would like to resolve occurs when we enable the Alfresco repository within Moodle 2 once we have created a new repository instance with the required API. When we try to select repository files, after authentication, we are receiving this error: Invalid JSON string. We cannot upload or select files into Moodle.

We are seeking a contractor with skills and experience in setting up Alfresco community edition 3.4 (we currently have a development hosting account - shared AMP server - however are open further hosting suggestions). The contractor would also ensure the successful configuration of Alfresco and Moodle; primarily to access Alfresco via the Moodle external repository API.

    Set up an externally accessable instance of Alfresco Community, with a public website interface.
    Integrate the Alfresco repository into Moodle 2.0.2 via the existing API.
Skillset required: Alfresco Community experience, Moodle experience (possibly PHP, javascript, jquery, MYSQL)

Following the successful delivery of this installation we made also need further consultancy regarding the migration from development server to production environment.

Please let me know if you're interested and can provide a quote?

Regards, Gareth Tucker.