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How to model a key/value multivalued property?

Question asked by franco_valente on Apr 7, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2011 by franco_valente

I need to model a key/value "multivalued" property.I.e:
What I need is to tag contents by giving a weight to each tag, for example:

Psychology => 5
sport => 2
personal => 6

So, I can get my own taggable aspect by implementing this

<aspect name="l4a:TT1taggable">
   <title>Tassonomia TT-1</title>
      <property name="l4a:TT1categories">
         <index enabled="true">

But I want my "l4a:TT1categories" property to be a list of key/value items.
I know this kind of question is not specific for categories only. This is a  general modeling question.
How can I model this context? How do you suggest to continue?