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Enabling exampleModel.xml

Question asked by boyelr on Apr 7, 2011
Hi guys,

I'm having a strange problem getting the example model to work, and being that I'm only a few days into Alfresco, I don't have any idea what the problem could be. 

First, I'm on Windows 7 Enterprise x64 and I'm using the Alfresco Community Edition (Alfresco/tomcat); the download is only 3 days old, and everything seems to be working out of the box; in my research I even found that the WCM system (which seems to have dependencies living in the same directory as exampleModel.xml) works.  I've got the two Web content links on my repository.

HOWEVER, when I "desample" exampleModel.xml and example-model-context.xml in the C:\Alfresco\tomcat\shared\classes\alfresco\extension directory (and I believe some of the content was originally commented out, so I uncommented it) and restart tomcat, I get nothing.  No alfresco.log exists in my C:\Alfresco directory. Alfresco starts back up and I can get in fine, but no custom content models are present in the data dictionary. 

So then I turn to the TestModel app referenced in the data dictionary wiki and more exhaustively here.  I copy and paste the command line arg and, sure enough, when it gets to exampleModel.xml, it can't find it. 

Any insight into what I'm missing will be greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: Found my problem.  For the distro I used, the exampleModel.xml and example-model-context.xml must be placed in this folder:

Additionally, even if the sample model is successfully loaded, there doesn't seem to be any indication within Alfresco that it worked; I actually had to invalidate the model to find out if Alfresco reported an error on startup or not (which it did, when the model was invalidated)