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Alfresco Vs Liferay

Question asked by marianandan on Apr 8, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2011 by zaizi
Hi Everyone,

I am a beginner in using Alfresco, just started evaluating the product. I am having few questions.

a. How Alfresco   is related with Liferay?. Is it like from Liferay we can integrate with Alfresco for Document Management or Alfresco is built on top of Lifrey?.

b. Is Alfresco providing the feature of creating custom sites?. Basically I am looking for a site page to be created in which I should have some contents, news, dashboard, images, recently uploaded document information etc.,
And this site page should be a landing page for a specific set of group people when they login. Also, I want to have
another site page when other group of users login to the application.

c. Do we have checkin/checkout, locking and multiple version of a document in Alfresco Share?.

Thanks in advance.