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Best way to compartmentalize projects?

Question asked by statman99 on Apr 10, 2011
Latest reply on May 14, 2011 by samuel2
Alfresco newbie using 3.4d Community edition.

I want to use Alfresco by managing multiple projects but other than the admins, the users should have neither access to nor knowledge of projects he or she is not assigned to. So a user would log in and would only see projects to which he or she has been assigned. Think of it as a company managing their clients but the client areas are highly compartmentalized. Even employees not assigned to a client would know anything about them through Alfresco.

I've been playing with groups and spaces but so far that doesn't give me what I want. Sites seems close but I'd prefer admin created areas. Subprojects within a project are fine but I'd like root project areas that are insulated from the other projects