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Tom Cat Stop -Share metadata

Question asked by alanlove on Apr 11, 2011

I've tried to use alfresco 3.4C share. I can use it but yesterday something
happen with tom-cat ,it stop working.

When I saw at Metadata in share I though that because I update alfresco until it fail but I had installed
new version and tried to use tom-cat ,it does not work.

After checking for the longest time, it was found that the tom-cat
will stop working when I turn to see the Metadata File PDF E-Form
in a file share.

But open the file in alfresco can be seen  without a problem.

I do not know why, and can't check the Log because it doesn't show any error.
So I want you to help to try to check the files from this PDF E-form.

    Thank you


Link File PDF e-form

sorry  Link fail