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[Share Extension] 'Compress and download' Action

Question asked by bertrandf on Apr 12, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2012 by bertrandf
Atol Conseils & Développements has recently launched a forge which lists all of our open source contributions: highlighting some of our areas of expertise such as business intelligence (Pentaho, …), GIS (OpenLayers, GeoServer, …) and ECM (Alfresco, CMIS, …).

A new Share extension just made its appearance on our forge.
This extension allows you to add action "Compress and download" in the document library of sites or in the Repository View.

With this action, you can easily download various contents (files and/or folders), all compressed into a ZIP archive.

This extension is now available for download (version 1.0): (compatible with Alfresco 3.4 Enterprise Edition and Community Edition).