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Preventing access to all Alfresco users during site invite

Question asked by kamielvdz on Apr 12, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2011 by kamielvdz
I want to configure Alfresco a certain way and I can't seem to find how I could achieve this without completly rewriting the inivitation page of Share, but by using permissions and groups.

What I want to achieve is that when a Site Manager invites users for its site he or she can only choose from a list of users I have defined in advance. Now de Site Manager can choose any Alfresco user.

Can this be limited in a way e.g. by using permissions? Either on the listing of users of by removing read access on users. It appears to me that every users has read access over every other user object, which I would want to disable.

On a larger scale Users should only be be able to list, view, communicate,… with users of groups they belong to.

It might be a simple thing. Thanks for any suggestions you may offer.