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Basic search appears much slower than node browser

Question asked by jcarothers on Apr 12, 2011
When I run a simple search using either the basic or advanced searches in a share site, I'm getting slow inconsistent results. 

For something common such as "2010" it can take roughly ten seconds to return, and the number of results change if the same query is ran again.  However, if I run the same query in the node browser, it returns in about two seconds and there are always the max number of results returned, currently set at the default of 1,000.

Is there any good way to view the lucene query generated by the site?  Or is there any other reason the two searches might behave differently?

We are using Alfresco 3.4b on Windows 2008.  The JVM looks healthy, both the heap and non-heap memory hang out about 1/3 their max.  Garbage collection is being gentle with only 8 seconds of MarkSweep collection over the last two days.  The CPU is not being taxed at all.  The Mysql database looks healthy.

many thanks