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Alfresco 3.4e installation through Eclipse : Missing Package

Question asked by julien13 on Apr 14, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2013 by stalinlouis
Hi everyone,
i'm new to the Alfresco community , trying to achieve a full install of the HEAD revision of Alfresco through Eclipse and deploying it with my own Tomcat. I have some issues with missing packages while starting Tomcat server. First of all , here is what i've done so far :

- Creating alfresco database with the corrects Grants on localhost:3306
- Checkout the Alfresco 3.4e SVN version
- Building with Ant, using Tomcat paths C:/Eclipse/Tomcat6

The build is successful and i just have few warnings about deprecated things and proprietary sun packages. In my tomcat folder i have the Alfreso/Share webapps and war packages, so everything is fine.

In Eclipse, i created a Tomcat 6 server. As i don't see alfresco/share webapps as resources i can configured with my tomcat (add and remove… option in Eclipse), i used the "Use Tomcat Installation" option instead of "Use workspace metadata" in the server overview.

Once i launched the Tomcat, i see some missing packages errors. It acts as if Tomcat only see the tomcat6/lib directory and not the tomcat6/webapps/xxx/lib directories. here are the exception i obtained in the stacktrace :

and finally, not possible to run the [/alfresco] contexte due to previous errors…

Do you think i am missing something ?

Thank you for your answers, i really hope you can help me with those issues.