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Action Configuration Clarification

Question asked by qsdmv on Apr 14, 2011
I have a few of questions about action configuration. Please look at the following example:

<action id="download_doc">

From this configuation, how does it tie to the custom action java class you might define?  It seems id "download_doc" will be referenced from action group. Other than action group, anywhere will it be referenced.

label and image tags are no question. How about #{actionContext.downloadUrl}? What is actionContext? (It talks about context object. I would like to know what context object and instance of what java class, and how do we setup the attribute etc.) Similar to RequestContext.setValue("downloadUrl") ????

Here is another example:
 <action id="checkout_doc">
               <param name="id">#{}</param>

It is very straightforward except; listener is actually calling CCCheckoutFileDialog's setupContentAction method action is referencing  checkoutFile dialog etc. ( I am guessing that we should be able to find reference id: checkoutFile from dialog configuration file).

Here is another one:

 <!– Edit document using WebDav access –>
         <action id="edit_doc_webdav">
               <permission allow="true">Write</permission>
            <!– NOTE: uses the special 'actionContext' object supplied by the parent actions component –>

How do we find the parent action component from this definition and onclick javascript action etc?


What does it exactly mean? using browser or BrwserBean?

Thanks in advance for any clarifications