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Inconsistencies between Alfresco and Share

Question asked by elvo on Apr 15, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2011 by elvo
Hi everyone,

I'm a new user/developer on Alfresco Community. I was interested in this Open Source ECM and decided to play with it and create customized forms. It all worked perfectly for some time now, until one day one of my custom controls wasn't refreshed properly. I thought at first (maybe by mistake) that there was some sort of cache preventing my modifications to be effective. That's why I thought clearing the Tomcat temp folder would be a good idea. It turns out it wasn't: when I log into Share, all my files are missing. I just have an empty hierarchy. Thing is: all my files are still here and accessible via Alfresco Explorer, but Share doesn't see anything. When I want to recreate any file, it tells me "Duplicate child name not allowed".

Did anyone experience this? What have I done wrong? I would prefer restoring my files in Share than cleaning all and reinstalling Alfresco (if possible).

Thank you in advance